Lager Hemmingen

Logo design, website launch, local SEO

Logo design, website launch & local SEO

Lager Hemmingen used to rely on offline marketing and requested consulting regarding a suitable online strategy to benefit from online traffic. After analysing and determining their target audience and subsequently developing their logo including design strategy, we launched the website with a fast, search engine friendly mobile layout, fully managed by VEONIO.

Implementing local SEO strategies through Google My Business, as well as search engine optimization best practices, Lager Hemmingen got well known in the region and customers grew their business to such a degree that they had to expand their storage facilities to satisfy the overwhelming demand. One of the positive side-effects of the implementation of our online marketing solutions are the savings in offline marketing expenses, as well as less time required to educate clients on pricing and available storage offers, which are displayed on the website.


Client Website - Lager Hemmigen

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