Project Scope

Jacob’s Brew – social cafe in Malta.

Jacob’s dream came true. Not just a coffee shop, but Maltas very first Social Enterprise. By choosing to be his customers you can help them help others!

VEONIO created the website layout and design from scratch, featuring information, pictures and all you need to know about Jacob’s Brew and the charitable causes they support.

All aspects of the website have been optimized for search engines. Furthermore, the website received a donation system including analytics.

VEONIO Client | Jacob’s Brew

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Project Tools

Our services that made this project possible.


Blazing fast, scalable and secure serviced cloud hosting managed by VEONIO. Choose from Google GCE, Amazon AWS, Linode & more. 


Ongoing website security, automatic backups, and software updates. We support your website & digital operations 365 days a year, guaranteeing 99% uptime.

Newsletter & Email Marketing

Connect websites with all popular newsletter SAAS providers, e.g. MailChimp, Aweber, etc. and create professional newsletter campaigns with our email automation.


Translation and language switching for an international audience.

Web Design

A new, beautiful, responsive, modern and user-friendly design.