EmpoweredFit Gym

Website development, design, email and local SEO

Web design, email & local SEO

EmpoweredFit Gym, a gym located in Wirral near Liverpool with a “family feel of fitness” tasked us in 2016 to design and develop their website empoweredfitgym.co.uk. The gym’s mission is to create a gym that FITS all, a gym that allows becoming empowered. so this was also our mission for the website. The website was designed to fit the culture of the gym, but also to be a mobile optimized, blazing fast, search engine friendly website.

With the new gym website, which is optimized for desktop and mobile devices alike, they can show the fitness spirit and empowerment of their courses, combined with detailed information about coaches, classes, and machines in a user-friendly environment. By also listing the EmpoweredFit Gym website on Google, as well as local SEO platforms, new customers can be reached and brand visibility can be increased. Apart from the maintenance and continued expansion of the website, VEONIO also manages the Google My Business profile, email and local SEO activities of EmpoweredFit.


Website Client - EmpoweredFit Gym

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