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Website relaunch, new design and SEO

Website relaunch, new design and SEO

aLIVE-Service GmbH, a German health insurance, and technology supplier tasked us in 2016 to relaunch their website, expand the content and optimize it for search engines. The existing website was not mobile optimized and did not have a content management system that allowed to add content to the website in an efficient manner. Long loading times and a static desktop layout were no longer sufficient to meet the growing demands of their website visitors.

In the redesign process, VEONIO converted the old design to a fast, search engine friendly website layout. With the new, up-to-date website, which is optimized for desktop and mobile devices alike, they are able to cope with the increasing need for detailed information of their customers. Furthermore, the website is now able to provide information and contact possibilities in a user-friendly environment. By also listing the aLIVE-Service website on search engines such as Google and Bing, as well as local SEO platforms, new customers can be reached and brand visibility can be increased. Apart from the maintenance and continued expansion of the website, VEONIO also manages the Google My Business profile, web analytics and SEO efforts for the aLIVE-Service GmbH.


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