The Top 10 Awesome Divi Builder Website Designs (2018)


Author: VEONIO

August 02, 2018

It’s always nice to talk about the great things that happen in the digital world. Well-Made website designs are one of them – there are more and more great designs showing up on the web, even as we are discussing our top list.

This time, we are here to talk to you about the website designs built by DIVI builder. It is a magical tool that we also use here at VEONIO to build beautiful and professional looking website designs for you. So let’s take a look at the benefits achieved by those who chose to use DIVI to create their websites.

Ranking of Our Top 10 Website Designs:

1. Plan MC 2 website design

PLANMC Website Design

The website is built to ‘teleport’ you to space with the theme carried on throughout the website with lots of animation and designed cards. The home page includes an animated header with moving elements that react to the mouse. Information about the services and the company is provided within cards with background gradients, overlapping images, shadows, and hover animation. This cosmic theme suits nicely with the whole idea of marketing our dreams and is unusually attractive and compelling.


Great results: mobile-friendly, socially active.

Things to improve: page speed (7.39 seconds), traffic and visibility.

2. London to Lima website design

London to Lima Website Design

This website is so unique, that by the time you enter it and scroll down through the page down, you’ve already fallen in love. The hand-drawn background is the most impressive thing what makes this website design so special. The part of the background artwork colourizes as you scroll down, with text appearing and disappearing on the go. The background is filled with foreground elements that use blocks of colour from the site with reduced opacity to allow the background to show through. Just perfect!


Great results: page speed (2.5 seconds).

Things to improve: page visibility (also in social media) and traffic.

3. NOJE website design

Noje Website Design

When you first visit this website a background video in time-lapse behind the overlapping product graphic is being displayed. You can feel both the arctic cold and the warm Scandinavian touch through the photos, colours, fonts and the minimalistic website design. What makes easy navigation through this site is that the menu options are also displayed on the home page just by scrolling down.


Great results: mobile-friendly.

Things to improve: social visibility, page speed (5.17 seconds).

4. Susan Siow website design

Susan Siow Website Design

Clean, spacious and elegant. The classic black and white play a major role here, but the refusal to add a lot of text but instead add bigger fonts for the keywords is simply great. The website smells like a mix of science, art and design all at the same time. The colourful part with bigger photos is left for the portfolio part and it’s not in the way as it goes under the little description part of the services.


Great results: SEO, mobile-friendly.

Things to improve: page speed (8.73 seconds), social visibility and traffic.

5. OLGA website design

Olga Website Design

This is a funny and playful website with a full-screen video that starts to play behind a blue overlay with the title when you enter a home page. It also contains large, colourful, fonts with a photo and a bit of information about the company. The projects section is displayed with examples of the recent work full-width photos with overlays. Categories are shown as blocks that change colour on hover. A portion of the video that appeared at the top of the website plays behind the contact info with the same blue overlay at the bottom of the page.


Great results: SEO, mobile-friendly.

Things to improve: page promotion (including social media) for traffic and visibility, page speed (5.43 seconds).

6.  Hello Digital website design

Hello Digital Website Design

A full-screen background image with a little text about the company welcomes you when entering the home page of the website. Scrolling reveals more about the company’s services that are described within solid blocks of information and followed by client icons. The most amazing thing here is that different sections are being displayed by the time you scroll down, all coming from different directions. The white and grey backgrounds and big fonts just make the site more clear and attractive.


Great results: SEO, promotion, mobile-friendliness.

Things to improve: page traffic, social visibility, page speed (8.92 seconds).

7. Heidi Rose website design

Heidi Rose website design

Warm colour sections, several sections with a white background and the hand-written font titles – this makes the website stand out extremely well. There are also some titles with extra spacing between letters what creates a lightweight and airy feeling. It uses minimal design with huge background images and all those details just create this lovely website atmosphere.


Great results:  social media activity.

Things to improve: page speed (35.9 seconds), promotion.

8. Benton Brothers website design

Benton Cheese Website Design

It is no surprise we chose to add this website design to our top 10 awesome DIVI design list with a fullscreen background image. It is not only trendy, but it works really nice with large fonts and just a little text. As the website is not framed you can see some white background which makes the website look clean and spacious. You can’t deny that photos along with the hand-painted illustrations are also what makes this website look especially good.


Great results: social media activity, mobile friendly.

Things to improve: page speed (12.9 seconds), page promotion.

9.  KIPO website design

KIPO Website Design

This llama shaped logo with changing gradient colour represents the funny website of the another DIVI theme. The artistic side of the website is revealed just by scrolling down the homepage of the website (the menu choice comes only after you take a look at this stunning llama). The company chooses to represent itself creatively with the animated photo of the team. The website is vivid, playful and interactive. Best of all they added a slideshow of the Instagram photos at the bottom of the page.


Great results: mobile-friendly, page promotion.

Things to improve: social media, page speed (7.49 seconds).

10. The Little Virtual Assistant (TLVA) website design

TLVA Website Design

This is a one-page website design that includes lots of layout elements which make this website special. Scrolling down portrays the feeling of going through the pages of a magazine, where every bit of it can surprise you. This one consist of a visualized citation, different dividers, use of colour, font and even animation.


Great results: mobile-friendly.

Things to improve: page speed (10.7 seconds), promotion and traffic.

This was our top 10 website design showcases we think it’s inspiring. Want to do better? Have some ideas and want to realize them? Contact us and we can help you with the website design and development.

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