Testimonials and Their Amazing Influence


Author: VEONIO

October 10, 2018

Did you know that positive testimonials are an excellent marketing tool to attract more customers? I want to explain what they are, convince you to start using them on your website, and show you how to display them to your advantage.

Let’s start with a short explanation: What are testimonials?

The word testimonial was noticed between 1375-1425, late Middle English word from Late Latin word testimōniālis.  It’s a written declaration certifying to a provided service, product quality, qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc. It can be an email or written statement of recommendation given as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude. It has strong legal connotations and means “the truth that has been confirmed and attested”. Testimonials are written or spoken statements which clients can say about your company or services quality. Below you can find VEONIO examples of our clients’ testimonials about our services:

This is a real proof that the service VEONIO provides is a good quality and clients are really happy working with us.

Importance Of Testimonials

Your clients are really smart and if they see there is something wrong they will leave your website and go to your competitors. Build your credibility and to show potential customers that you are trustworthy, reliable and an expert in your profession. So get to work and try to get testimonials!

When you say the product or service you provide is good then prove it. The best way to prove your honesty is a testimonial which will confirm it. Imagine your tooth is hurting you and your dentist went abroad. Instead of panicking you open Google and search for the best dentist in your city or district. First what you will be searching for are opinions other. If the doctor has a bad reputation it’s obvious you won’t go there because you love your beautiful smile. You will choose the doctor with the best opinion so you can trust him. Now think how powerful is the influence of social voice.

Now do everything to get as many testimonials (only positive of course) as you can to attract customers and have way more sales. Prove you are the best in your niche putting those real emphatic testimonials on your website.

The reasons why testimonials are so effective:

  • Trust and reliability proved by community testimonials of your satisfied customers won’t let new clients have doubts about your products or services. Step forward and add all the positive testimonials before the questions and objections that fill the minds of your prospective buyers for you.
  • It is a good opportunity to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Emotions impact their decision-making process by creating certain feelings.
  • A good story is a perfect way to get customers attention. Of course, the story needs to be real! It’s strange but stories are scientifically proven to get into our brains in an unusual way, pulling into the plot.

There Are Some Catchy Ways To Convince Your Clients To Give Testimonials

It’s simple!! You need to ask your clients for them. But, not everyone wants to give it to you. How to get positive, reliable, personal testimonials from your clients? Ask real people who have really used your products or services. I know, it’s not comfortable to ask customers for reviews and not everyone feels comfortable giving a testimonial. Give your customers a chance to use your product before you ask them for their verdict.

I’ll Give You Some Examples Of How To Get Testimonials

  • Newsletter

Create a newsletter that will be sent out to every customer one week after they make a purchase. That kind of email should include a simple question: what do they think about your products or services. Before you publish any testimonial remember to ask for their permission to publish it on your website.
Don’t you think it’s the best solution? You don’t have to ask each client individually and you won’t have to think about the best timing. You don’t have to do almost anything. The emails will be sent automatically, and the testimonials will keep coming!
If you maintain a newsletter and have a list of subscribers, you may also reach out to them asking for reviews.
If you are not experienced with it, just Google “email automation” and relevant results will come up. Or contact us and we will help you out.

We recommend you following websites which will work for your email campaigns:

  1. MailChimp 
  2. HubSpot
  3. WixShoutOut
  4. Zoho Campaigns
  5. Elastic Email
  6. MailJet
  7. Benchmark
  8. SendinBlue
  9. MailerLite
  10. NetHunt
  • Exchange it for free product or service

Let me explain that it’s not bribing your customers into giving you positive reviews. You give customers something for free and in return, they should give you a reliable testimonial.

There are plenty of ways you can make this work. So, if you’re just starting out your new company or you are a freelancer, you can offer your services for free or very cheaply. Next, you can ask them to give you a testimonial in return. Thanks to those positive testimonials your career should get a nice boost.

  • Ask for opinion

There is a big difference between asking your clients to write an official statement that will then be published. It’s much easier to ask them about their opinion. The explanation is very easy the opinion is easy to write with no commitment.
Ask an open question, for example: “Could you tell me what you liked about our new service?”. And when they answer you, simply ask them for approval to publish their response on your website.

  • Search for existing posts or messages

Use inbox, Facebook or other social media. The chance you already have some testimonials is quite big. Remind yourself scrolling your inbox, Facebook posts or messages. You can possess many of them but you weren’t aware of that. Testimonials that come from Facebook looking more authentic because everyone knows it is public. The thing must have been good for them to say it in public. Take a screenshot of the comment and simply add to your website (remember to ask for the permission).

  • Patiently wait for them

In the worst case, you can just wait for testimonials. And when you see someone says something nice or positive about your company and then take a screenshot of it.

Place Testimonials In a Right Place

Let’s say you already own some positive testimonials. To convince your customers about your product or service you need to place testimonial in a sneaky place.
Testimonials are there to dispel all doubts about your products or services that a client may have. Now, let’s say you’re offering awesome websites based on the Divi and WordPress. Your client really wants it but he is concerned if it’s not to difficult for him. He doesn’t know the Divi plugin but websites built and based on Divi are are really beautiful. That’s where you swoop in with testimonials praising your excellent and prompt customer support and simplicity of Divi!
To be more successful you have to try thinking like a customer, and address all doubts they may have about your services. Also, you’ll have to find out at what point the doubts arise and which element of your sales page should be devoted to testimonials. You can try to do A/B testing with various configurations or ask others opinion.

Present Testimonials In The Most Efficient Way

The way you display testimonials has a huge influence on how they are seen. Divi has a testimonial module which lets you display an image, text of the testimonial, and its author’s name and occupation. There is also an option to customize it in Divi to achieve a nice effect. The module is clear and simple, and it shows at the first sight that it contains testimonials. Using photo in testimonial gives you more credibility. But the logo of the company which uses your services is as good as the photo.

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