How Can a Promotional Schedule Help Your Business?


Author: VEONIO

February 15, 2018

You have to think about your promotional schedule in advance. Thanks to it you will know how to promote and attract customers in a professional way. That is why you should consider doing it.

Do you think it’s unprofitable? It takes time to build, maintain and improve your online promotions. But if you create a promotional schedule ahead of time, it will help to ease some of the pressure in doing so.

Reasons why you should plan a promotional schedule to improve your  business:

  1. Your website can be a more memorable experience if you will use special promotional efforts. Using a fun “theme” can attract customers to visit your business website more often;
  2. Creating a unique and memorable schedule of promotional offers can give you a good reason to promote services by your clients;
  3. By providing clients with a predictable promotional schedule you make your site an experience worth seeking out on a regular basis;
  4. Think to execute a campaign on a website it will give you a good competitive advantage;
  5. Doing a promotional schedule gives you time to update your site regularly, which will ultimately help its search ranking;
  6. Planning helps you avoid stress and unpredictability of marketing your business. It’s better to be prepared as you have more lead time to think about it;
  7. To impress and motivate your loyal customers to create a promotional schedule that contains truly valuable and niche-specific offers;
  8. A unique promotion has the potential to bring you a larger audience than you expect;
  9. A promotional schedule is great because it gives you an opportunity to think outside the box and do something fun for yourself and your followers.

Tips for creating a promotional schedule

Planning and preparing promotions for your site is important. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as talking about it. But think about the benefits of designing a promotional schedule for your business.

Promotional Schedule

You should keep these tips in mind as you work on developing your promotional schedule:

1. Fix any weak spots before unexpected traffic

Be prepared and fix any weak spots before you do anything else, make sure your site is ready for traffic spikes that may result from your promotional efforts. Doing promotions will always bring you unexpected boosts in traffic.

2. Shape your promotion to your business

Think where your business has a blind spot and focus on where you currently need a boost. Then, shape your promotion in a way that offers you a boost in leads/clients/sales/recurring revenue/etc.

3. Do not forget about your clients

Be professional even when you want to design a promotion that is funny and entertaining. It can impact your visitors and clients to take action. Promotion still needs to be relevant to what you do.

4. Think wider

Create your own promotion, don`t look at the others. For example, you can celebrate your business’s birthday by giving clients an unexpected discount. Clients feel more appreciated when you are creating unexpectable promotion just for them. Your promotions don’t always have to align with a holiday or be run for a special reason.

Promotional Schedule Think Wider

5. Match the theme

Tiny promotion-related updates would be a nice touch. You can use custom-designed popups or hello bars that match the promotion’s theme but don’t interrupt the on-site experience too much.

7. Plan your promotional schedule

Plan your promotional schedule in advance. Include all content you’ll write for it, when it’s set to publish, and where you’ll promote it. Don`t focus on your site only to promote products.

8. Monitor it in real-time

Monitor your promotion once you’ve launched it. Try to answer your customers’ emails or chats fast while the promotion runs. It can help you to avoid mistakes and get good results in the future.


Those tips will help you improve your business. Think about your business and create your promotions in advance. Think about your customers and spoil them so they’ll feel special. If you need professional help visit our online marketing section.

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