Best Free DIVI Child Themes for WordPress


Author: VEONIO

September 14, 2018

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to build your own website, a Divi child theme is the best option for you. Especially when it’s for free! The other great thing about Divi child themes is that they are designed as a pre-built website templates and you don’t need any coding or web design experience to create a website. A Divi child theme inherits the functionality and styling of a parent Divi theme and allows you to create a pre-built website template that can then be used on another new Divi website.

Now Divi offers over 300 free and premium Divi child themes in the Divi themes examples directory. The premium themes prices range from 25-150 Eur. However, if you decide to give it a try, you can start with a free Divi Child themes available to download with no charge. Let’s take a look at the best available options.

Best Divi Child Themes to download for free

There are 13 different categories you can choose from if you decide to use a free Divi child theme. For some of them you can be asked to sign in before downloading it, but that’s all it takes to start using it. We came up with our top 5 free Divi Child Themes list.

1. Multipurpose (free Divi child theme)

DIVI all purpose free Child theme

Divi All Purpose is one of the most recent free Divi child themes. It’s fresh, modern and stylish. Since it’s called multipurpose it can suit all needs and be used for any kind of website you imagine.

It comes with 6 web page templates including a homepage styled for coffee, Travel and Yoga websites. You can also change text and photos to make it look the way you want. The child theme comes with custom header and footer, custom blog with options for left sidebar, right sidebar and full-width templates. There is also a services page, testimonials page, about page and contact page. Unfortunately, there are no animated hover effects. If you want to download it, subscribing with your email is required.

2. Business (free Divi child theme)

Business DIVI free Child Theme

Divi Business is another free Divi child theme which was released just two months ago. It is also another great option for any kind of business website. You still have a freedom to customize some details in the design and adjust it to your needs. Divi Business child theme is a 6 page child theme template including features such as blurbs with hover effect, team section with a custom overlay hover, testimonial slider, pricing table and Instagram gallery integration and “about us” page with a team members section that overlays your team members details over their photo on hover. Divi Business Child Theme is completely free (with email subscribe).

3. Landing (free Divi child theme)

Landing free DIVI child themes

One more great free multi-purpose Divi child theme – Landing. It’s the one page template designed for your best online marketing activity, It comes with the main features that are required for a good landing page including the attractive professional design. It has 9 main page sections that each come with a customized element:

  • One click demo import (you can get your site looking exactly like the demo site in just 1 click)
  • Custom Team Member Design (with unique hover effects that displays the details about each member when selected)
  • Custom Recent Blog Design (full width display of the 3 latest posts that comes with a custom animated hover effect)
  • Client Logo Slider and Testimonials (with hover effect that shows client’s logo)
  • Blurbs with custom CSS and hover effects
  • Custom Gallery and portfolio design
  • Unlimited color schemes,
  • Custom headers and footers

If you haven’t tried building up a landing page, this can be your first time using the Landing Divi child theme.

4. Altitude (free Divi child theme)

Altitude free DIVI child Theme

Altitude is another great example of landing page offered by free Divi child themes. In a one page design here comes a lot of simple but cute design choices. There are not many special effects and code customization on this child theme, but the style looks good with some hoover and broken grid rules. Animated parts of the page plays well with one another and even you can customize it, there is nothing a lot to change. This child theme can be downloaded directly without any signup or social share.

5. Forty (free Divi child theme)

forty free DIVI child theme

Forty is colorful and unique free Divi child theme. This creative website template comes with a broken grid rule and the layout is divided into 1/3 2/3, 2/3 1/3 and 1/3 2/3 image sections with different hover effects. It also includes a blog, landing and generic inner pages. The animated design is what makes this child theme stand out. The blog page comes with a featured post slider module with a grid blog below.

Forty is also available as a monochrome (black and white) version with same layout.

Forty monochrome free DIVI child theme

Despite the fact there are no colors it still looks great and creates a mystical or even magical sense.Both of these child themes can be downloaded for free directly from the download page without any signup or email required. There are also two available languages for instructions – English and Spanish.

This was our small list of the great free Divi child themes. It’s always nice to have some help while creating a website if you don’t have much experience or even time to built it from the bottom by yourself. Free Divi child themes is a key to success by helping and providing you with a beautiful website design templates. It’s a good start in your way to digital world!

How to use your free Divi child theme?

If you are inspired to choose a Divi child theme for any project you have or want to do and you still have some doubts about how it works – you don’t have to worry, it’s easy and quick. Each of the free child themes comes with its own installation instructions, but the process for using it is the same for each one. All you will have to do is:

free DIVI Child Theme download

  1. Make sure you have admin rights on WordPress account;
  2. download the zip file of a desired Divi child theme;
  3. upload the child theme and activate it;
  4. follow any prompts in your WordPress dashboard or in the child theme documentation to import the demo content;
  5. now you have a free Divi child theme running on your Divi + WordPress install.

You all are set up! If you still have more questions or want to explore more about Divi options, you can visit Divi child themes what why and how.

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