A Guide to choosing Images and Pictures for your website carefully


Author: VEONIO

February 08, 2018

Didn’t choose the website photos and images to use for your online presence yet? Remember that your photos should be of high quality and related to the content of the page. Make sure you are using unique photos and you will not find them on another site. You should remember an easy rule: if you have too many images, visual aspects, animation or multiple moving objects, then the page will distract visitors. They should know where to go or what to look at next. Your target is to convince readers to stay on your website.

Website photos are one of the most powerful tools in communication. Minimalism is a popular choice design style but website images are still an important component of successful online presences. A bad photo choice has the potential to ruin your website in general. Reading this article you can learn a few tricks but if you need professional help you can get it from our help centre.

Here are 9 tips for you on how to choose the right website photos:

1. Quality

It is your design concept that determines the size of the image, but its size needs to be enough for it to make an impact. Such images look impressive and display a professional approach to web design.

Quality photo

Ideal screen image resolution (detail an image holds) is 72 pixels per inch. On the high-resolution screens that have become popular in recent years, 72ppi can look pixilated. Try to use .svg files for images on the web, for icons and buttons for example. Those are vector files, resolution-independent, will always look crisp on any screen, and are small in file size.

2. Brand Relevance

Your images must be relevant vis-à-vis your brand identity. If a brand is selling luxury cars, the images must exude the extremely high quality and detailed photos of the cars. You don’t want your visitors in doubt as to the brand’s, purely because of its photos. They do the talking for the brand.

Brand Relevance

3. Actionable

To persuade a visitor in taking an action use images which are call-to-action. What you are ensuring is that your photos play a tangible role on your site and don’t just improve its visual content.

4. Powerful

Use images that allow you and others to view stories on the page. The strong power of images attracts attention, makes you involved and makes you want to know more about them. Remember, you need some kick-ass content that isn’t overwhelmed by the powerful imagery. One shouldn’t overwhelm the other.

Powerful Images

5. Unique

You shouldn’t be worried if your brand’s offering services in a saturated niche. You can still stand out and be original. In such cases, you must get your images into the act to work in your favour and differentiate your brand from its competitors. Photos you are posting must tell your target audience that you are different and why you are different.

6. Images to Replace Text

You must come across plenty of websites with text-heavy pages that do have photos but they aren’t the centrepiece of the page. The text is a good read but going through the pages isn’t a very enjoyable experience. But what if the text was replaced with images? Such pages hook visitors as nothing else can.

7. Select authentic website photos

Did you know that using images of real people or products can help to make your website appear more authentic? Using real photos on the website can help visitors better connect with your brand and increase your overall conversion rate. Visitors must believe that these are photos of real people that are in some way associated with your business. Choose a custom photo whenever possible, avoid misused photos or photos that appear “cheap” and un-original. Showing actual photos is one easy way to add more personality to your website and build trust with your visitors.

8. Specific instructions

If you want your site to be perfect, you have to give specific instructions to the designers. This way you avoid using free images but first, you should think about the budget for them. Designers aren`t forced to use free images that may or may not be used elsewhere.

9. Give the image the importance it deserves

Image is a key factor in your site’s success and you can choose the right images. Do not use them as a decorative element. Make sure you identify the type of images you will use at the very stage of conceptualization.

One of the biggest mistakes that web designers can make is thinking that the effectiveness of the image begins and ends with its visual appeal. They do not take into account that there are various other features to be considered while creating the perfect image and so they pay the price for it. Don’t make this mistake happen on your website.

Check out some of these popular websites for finding a variety of high-quality images:

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