How to Find a Great Blog Post Inspiration?


Author: VEONIO

March 28, 2018

Did you ever wonder where you can find blog post inspiration? What about when it comes to writing content for your blog? How do you know what to write about? How do you guarantee that you always have a fresh stream of topics to tackle on your blog?

Writing blog posts is likely a chore in and of itself, but you know it’s something you have to do. We all have days when blogging post inspirations are not coming easily and we are spending our precious time on research. You should know what to write about, how to interest your public and how to ensure that you always have a fresh stream of topics on your blog. You can find amazing tips about blog post inspirations below. We want to make it easy for you!

Blog post inspiration sources

The question is: where to find inspiration for these new and exciting blog topics? Normally, you’ll need to be willing to dig through many types of sources of inspiration. Make it easier and go where it is. Why not check your followers’ questions? Are they asking you about something in comments?

Visitors comments as a blog post inspiration

Scope out the comments on each of your posts and create a blog to answer them. If you haven’t amassed enough comments you can use a blog that covers similar subjects as your own. All you’re really looking for here are the questions and comments readers leave behind. Readers give us ideas that open up new avenues worth pursuing or expanding upon.

Most popular posts

Your current blog posts can also serve as a source of inspiration. Focus on those blog posts which performed the best. You can check it on Google Analytics for insights. On the website, you have a possibility to check page views, average time on page, entrances, bounce rate.
It will tell you a lot about which topics your readers want more, so use this valuable information for your blog post inspiration.

Your favourite blog

If you have your favourite blog you can draw inspiration from them as a resource. Few clicks on your favourite blog can inspire you to write an amazing and unique blog post which will surprise your readers and make them more active on your website.

Clients’ favourite blogs

Do a research and find your clients’ favourite blog. You’ll learn a lot more about what drives them and the kinds of worries they have as it refers to their business. You can then write posts that alleviate some of those fears.

Blog Post Inspiration

Forums as a blog post inspiration

Forums are a good place to find out what other users are struggling with. Check the most popular, unresolved topics. Sometimes you can find topics with no replies then think why shouldn’t you create a blog post which will answer to it.
You have to think about the kind of crowd you want to write for. If you want to write for the beginners then visit appropriate forums. You can assign yourself to a forum and keep an eye on it. You never know when the inspiration will come. It’ll make the process of searching for inspiration a whole lot easier.


Use social media to collect stories and posts from a variety of trusted sources. The most trusted sources which you can use as a blog post inspiration are news from trusted outlets such as Reuters. Visit your favourite news sources and if you find an interesting topic, then use it for your blog post.

Blog Post Inspiration - News

Email research

Did you ever consider to check your client emails and take a blog post inspiration from them? Dig through emails from clients and see if there are any common questions or issues that would be worth include to your blog. Don`t worry if you can’t find any. You can write about something frustrating you.

Relaxing time can be good for your blog post inspiration

When you feel your head is going to explode or you are out of ideas, go for a walk, meet with your friends or do something that will relax you. Do something that takes your brain away from thinking. Just enjoy yourself and then who knows maybe a new idea will come to your head.

Now you know where to get an inspiration for writing a new blog post. If you still have a problem with your content, simply ask experts for advice. We are here to help you anytime. We wish you the best of luck on your next blog post.

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