Divi Builder Documentation

Introduction to Divi

VEONIO websites provide you with the Divi Builder, it revolutionizes and simplifies the way you can add, change and update content on your website. VEONIO websites are based on the Divi Builder so you have access to modify not just your website’s content, but the site design itself. It’s so simple!

Divi Builder Modules

Here you can find an overview of all Divi Builder Modules.

Accordion Module | Divi Builder

Accordion Module

The Accordion Module looks like segments but they have hidden content. To see the content you just need to click on it. Every time you click on a different accordion the first one is being closed when the new one is opened. The module helps you to organize all your content.

Audio Module | Divi Builder

Audio Module

When you need to add an audio to your website then use the Audio Module. The module enables you to add an audio file into your site with basic player control to play you can customize it as well.

Bar Counders Module | Divi Builder

Bar Counters Module

The Bar Counters Module is the best way to show your statistics in animated horizontal bar counters. If you want to boast about your results with the audience it’s the best way to use Bar Counters Module.

Blog Module | Divi Builder

Blog Module

Writing a blog is very beneficial nowadays. So, use the Blog Module and post your blog articles anywhere on the page. With the module, you are able to customize it and make more engaging your audience.

Blurb Module | Divi Builder

Blurb Module

With the Blurb Module, you can combine the text and image/icon into one. This module is very popular because you can describe one thing in two ways visually and descriptively.

Button Module | Divi Builder

Button Module

If you want your visitors to be more active on your website use the Button Module. You are able to add a button everywhere on your website and you can customize it as well.

Call To Action Module | Divi Builder

Call To Action Module

The Call To Action Module is perfect to make your visitors click. The module is a combination of a title, body text, and a button. Make your website more active and add the module anywhere on your website.

Circle Counter Module | Divi Builder

Circle Counter Module

The Circle Counter Module is an innovative way to present your result or score. It’s a single number or % that is represented in the animated circle graph which you can customize.

Code Module | Divi Builder

Code Module

If the Divi Builder is not enough for you then you can easily use the Code Module. The module lets you add the code to your pages such as plugin short-codes or static HTML.

Comments Module | Divi Builder

Comments Module

Using the Comments Module you don’t have to add comments under your posts you can have it anywhere on your page. You can place the module below or above your post content.

Contact Form Module  | Divi Builder

Contact form Module

The Contact Form Module enables you to contact with your audience and you can fully customize the module. This allows your audience to have a conversation with you and helps to solve their difficulties.

Countdown Timer Module | Divi Builder

Countdown Timer Module

The Countdown Timer Module is an amazing thing for your company when you are letting your customers know when the new product will be launched. It’s a timer which counts days, hours, minutes and seconds down to a time you specify.

Divider Module | Divi Builder

Divider Module

The Divider Module lets you have a horizontal line and or custom vertical spacing and you can use it anywhere on your page. You can easily separate the content in an elegant way.

Email Opt-in Module | Divi Builder

Email opt-in Module

The Email Opt-in module is a great way to encourage your visitors to sign up for a newsletter. Using this module you can build your contact list and stay in touch with your audience. You can simply connect it with your email programs such as MailChimp and many others.

Filterable Portfolio Modul | Divi Builder

Filterable Portfolio Module

Show your work! The Filterable Portfolio Module was created to help you boast your hard work in a simple but elegant way. Display your projects to prove you are professional.

Gallery Module | Divi Builder

Gallery Module

Illustrate the message you want to send to your customers using the Gallery Module. With the Divi Builder, you can place the gallery everywhere on your website.

Image Module | Divi Builder

Image Module

The Image Module can be added to any place on your website and you can customize it. They look amazing when placed next to call to action module.

Login Module | Divi Builder

Login Module

The Login Module lets your customers log in to your website with a style and without redirecting to a branded WordPress login form.

Map Module | Divi Builder

Map Module

Show your visitors where your company is based. The Map Module is created to make it easy for you. You can embed custom Google Maps anywhere on your page.

Number Counter Module | Divi Builder

Number Counter Module

Do you have some important numbers to share with your audience? You can do it easily with the Number Counter Module. You can customize the module according to your style.

Person Module | Divi Builder

Person Module

Introduce yourself and your employees using the Person Module. The module is a combination of text, an image, and social media links.

Portfolio Module | Divi Builder

Portfolio Module

Share your projects using the Portfolio Module. It’s a great way to prove your clients they can rely on you and your products and services are a good quality.

Post Navigation Module | Divi Builder

Post Navigation Module

The Navigation Module was created to help your visitors navigate easily on your website. You can add the module anywhere on your website.

Post Slider Module | Divi Builder

Post Slider Module

Post your blog posts in a different way than your competitors using the Post Slider Module. Easily use the module and display posts in a slider.

Post Title Module | Divi Builder

Post Title Module

With the Post Title Module, you are able to show the title of the post. The module allows you to display the post Featured Image and metadata.

Pricing Tables Module | Divi Builder

Pricing Tables Module

If you are looking for an elegant way to display your pricing you are in a right place. Create tables of features and pricing for your product or service with the Pricing Table Module and customize it.

Search Module | Divi Builder

Search Module

The Search Module is a great thing for your visitors. You can add the module to any place you want and. It helps to search for any website pages and blog posts.

Shop Module | Divi Builder

Shop Module

Attach WooCommerce products using the Shop Module. Add it anywhere on your site sorted by category with options for display.

Sidebar Module | Divi Builder

Sidebar Module

The Sidebar Module is the best to display sidebar widgets areas. You can place it on any site and the most important customize it.

Slider Module | Divi Builder

Slider Module

With the Slider Module, you can combine image, text, and buttons. The module allows you to display all the content on the slides.

Social Media Follow Module | Divi Builder

Social Media Follow Module

The Social Media Follow Module is a great way to create customizable icon links to social media profiles. The module has 14 networks in total.

Social Media Follow Module | Divi Builder

Social Media Follow Module

The Social Media Follow Module is a great way to create customizable icon links to social media profiles. The module has 14 networks in total.

Tabs Module | Divi Builder

Tabs Module

Make your page tidy and use the Tabs Module. The module is a great way to sort your content in the table. You are able to customize the table.

Testimonial Module | Divi Builder

Testimonial Module

Do you want to make your website reliable? To do that use the Testimonial Module. The module was created to add testimonials of your clients anywhere on your website.

Text Module | Divi Builder

Text Module

The Text Module is a standard WordPress text editor. Write your content and place using the module anywhere on the page and customize it.

Toggle Module | Divi Builder

Toggle Module

The Toggle Module helps to point out all the most important subjects. If someone wants to know more about the selected subject the needs to click on the toggle and the content opens.

Video Module | Divi Builder

Video Module

You can easily post the video you created or URL. To do it check the Video Module and customize it.

Fullwidth Code Module | Divi Builder

Fullwidth Code Module

You can add the code module in a Fullwidth way. The difference between standard code module and the Fullwidth Code Module is that you can display it to full-width.

Fullwidth Header Module | Divi Builder

Fullwidth Header Module

Add a header with the Fullwidth Header Module. The module allows you to add a title, subheader, content 2 buttons and customize it.

Fullwidth Image Module | Divi Builder

Fullwidth Image Module

The Fullwidth Image Module lets you add an image into full-width sections.

Fullwidth Map Module | Divi Builder

Fullwidth Map Module

There is almost no difference between the regular map module and The Fullwidth Map Module. You can display your existing or add a new map to fullwidth sections.

Fullwidth Menu Module | Divi Builder

Fullwidth Menu Module

The Fullwidth Menu Module is great to make your menu more visible and original. Make a fullwidth menu from your standard one and customize it.

Fullwidth Portfolio Module | Divi Builder

Fullwidth Portfolio Module

Add your portfolio using the Fullwidth Portfolio Module. The difference between standard and the Fullwidth Portfolio Module is that you can display your work in a fullwidth way.

Fullwidth Post Slider Module | Divi Builder

Fullwidth Post Slider Module

Add your posts using the Fullwidth Post Slider Module and make your content more visible.

Fullwidth Post Title Module | Divi Builder

Fullwidth Post Title Module

Add your standard post title in the Fullwidth Post Title Module and customize it.

Fullwidth Slider Module | Divi Builder

Fullwidth Slider Module

Now you can display your slides in the Fullwidth Slider Module. That means you can add your slides in a full-width section.