Gzira, Malta – 01. October 2018 – VEONIO company specializing in website design and digital marketing is bringing help to another amazing charity “Jacob’s Brew – social cafe in Malta”. The company decided to design the website for Jacob’s Brew charity which is based on the project “VEONIO friendly business”.

Jacob as a former hospital patient is bringing help and causing a smile on people faces. After a big battle for his life, he decided to do wonderful things for others. The idea of the project is simple but brilliant. Free sandwiches and coffee are delivered by the charity to the families in the ITU waiting area at Mater Dei Hospital. Also, a percentage of their revenue goes to NGO Survivors Malta whereby funds collected are used to initiate projects to help families facing trauma.

“It’s not just about the sandwiches and the coffee. We deliver so much more… We warm their hearts and send them a message of hope and a reminder to never ever give up!!”, said Jacob Brew.

VEONIO Jacob's Brew charity

VEONIO created the website layout and design from scratch, featuring information, and pictures. The company optimized all aspects of the website for search engines. Additionally, the website jacobsbrew.cafe received a donation system including analytics. The clients can get to know about Jacob’s Brew and the charitable causes they support.

Markus Behmann, the owner of the company, said: “When I heard Jacobs story I felt really touched. I was thinking how can I help him to facilitate his hard work? The answer was easy! Let’s build a website for Jacob as a friendly business project.”